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Lungisa Sonqishe is a Personal & Business Brand Strategist and Coach that specialises in Personal Branding and Goal Setting. She is also a qualified Executive Coach that aims for nothing less than excellence. She is known for her work in creating career building courses for Unilever’s “Surf School of Shine’ on career planning (i.e. Personal Branding).

Lungisa is a Keynote and motivational speaker. Her many years in the International Advertising scene has helped shape her to become the expert in Personal & Business branding. She helps her clients become better versions of themselves by setting solid goals. She’s an occasional blogger and an online magazine editor. Learn more here




TO THINK IS TO ACHIEVE is a three-part offering that takes an in-depth look at the necessary elements that ensures the reader’s success in whatever she/he wants to achieve in Personal Branding and Goal Setting. It gives them a step-by-step guide of how to set solid goals that are near impossible not to accomplish. It will help them set themselves apart and standout from the crowd through effective Personal Branding Strategies.

Readers will get a plethora of tips from social and business etiquette to proficient self-promotion. Readers will learn about managing communication problems and as well as how to exude confidence.

TO THINK IS TO ACHIEVE is filled with practical examples and tips. It is a perfect complete guide for those wanting to lead lives of greater meaning and impact.



  • Leaders, decision makers, employers, employees, unemployed, dreamers and those who lack self-confidence and who struggle with setting goals.
  • It is for procrastinators who never finish what they started.
  • Women who need to reinvent themselves by remembering who they are by buidling their Personal Brand.
  • Women who are in the job market looking for employment.
  • Women who seek to grow within their current employment.
  • Women who seek to change their attitude about themselves and potential.
  • Women who seek to change careers.
  • Women who already have a business, but are struggling.
  • Small business start-ups that need to understand their market and how to market themselves effectively. 
  • Women who generally lack self-confidence and think are not good enough and would never achieve anything.
  • Women who are held back by limiting beliefs.
  • Dreamers that are stuck in a rut and are unable to go beyond the dreaming stage.
  • Graduates sitting at home without employment.
  • University graduates that need to prepare for the workplace.


  • Understand what their strengths and talents are and what to do with them.
  • Understand how to set solid goals that are near impossible not to accomplish.
  • Learn the importance of creating an authentic personal brand not only for business formation purposes but for the job market as well.
  • Understand the importance of offering their great value to their stakeholders.
  • Understand that they have fierce competition and how to distinguish themselves and standout.
  • Appreciate the significance of refining and maintain their reputation and business etiquette.
  • See how personal branding strategies will help set them apart by the way they use communication strategies to their advantage.
  • Learn how to present their product, expertise or service with efficacy. 
  • Realise the importance of aligning their personal traits, values and mission with what they wear and how they portray themselves.
  • Learn different ways of amassing knowledge using Personal Branding and Goal setting strategies.
  • Comprehend the art of positive thinking and how that boosts self-confidence.
  • Give themselves permission to be THEMSELVES.
  • Build credibility by taking actions that align with their brand
  • Learn to showcase your speciality. Learn to SHINE in your element
  • Learn to build a solid connection with your audience.



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It has been a pleasure working with Lungisa on one of the key global projects for Unilever. She has worked closely with me and my team in rolling out an innovative website in South Africa for one of the largest global clients’ – Unilever. The site has helped thousands of people in India and South Africa in their career and personal development goals. Lungisa is passionate and meticulously in everything she does, ensuring a high quality of work. She was flexible enough to be available and co-ordinate with myself and the team and always met deadlines with ease. I strongly recommend her in any avenue of work. I am so glad to have worked with her and developed such a great relationship as she is someone that is a true inspiration for all women. I wish her all the best for her future.

Petra Tovrloza

LUNGISA SONQISHE writes credibly and effectively on the topics of ‘Setting Personal Goals’ and ‘Personal Branding’, with admirable attention to detail. Her grasp of the subject is impressive, and her book includes suggestions and recommendations for personal and career development for people from all walks of life. She addresses some of the more delicate aspects
of personal growth with sensitivity – no arrogance, no talking down to anyone. The book concludes with a section on ‘Self-Confidence’, with guidance and quotes from world renowned leaders in the field, and some gentle wisdom from Lungisa herself.’

Joan Cameron


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